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Sales and Service of the Foxbat A22LS

Lite Flight Green NZ Ltd specialise in the sale of the famous FOXBAT Light Sport Aircraft, new and used, at competitive prices with instrumentation and equipment to suite specific preferences and requirements. Aircraft are available ex stock subject to prior sale with existing standard instrumentation and equipment, or +-3 months ex factory with instrumentation and equipment as requested, against firm order and deposit as required. Equipment may include amphibious floats as opposed to standard undercarriage. We also offer after sales service, parts, and maintenance from our various locations with service contracts as required.
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TIFs (Training Instruction Flights)

Lite Flight Green NZ Ltd offer Tiffs to people wishing to experience their potential and the thrill of practical flying, taking in the exhilarating views and feelings of the freedom of flight over beautiful beaches, coral reefs, and crystal clear waters.
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Flight Training

Lite Flight Green offer pilot training for people wishing to learn to fly for pure fun, sport, leisure and the earlier stages of commercial pilot license ambitions. Student pilots spend their study and practical training periods in paradise like surroundings with internal school accommodation or independent alternative accommodation for the duration of the training course.
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Hangar Facilities

Lite Flight Green offer quality hangar facilities facilities for light aircraft at various locations on the islands, at reasonable rates for lease or purchase.

Aero Club

Lite Flight Green offer club facilities to people (pilots & non pilots) whom wish to be part of a flying club as full time or part time members including overseas club visitors with reciprocity, with all available facilities such as: Hangar facilities, aircraft hire, runway use, restaurant, accommodation and more.